No Sex K Thanx Bai

So, I get a ton of people adding me to thier circle, but most of them never even tell me why they added me. I can mostly assume why the guys add me, or the ones who want cybersex...If you've noticed, I removed most, if not all of the sexual experiences I was in. This is to ward off any perverts from finding interest in adding me, as I will just automatically block them.

So tell me, why did YOU add me to your circle?

LylaRocks LylaRocks
26-30, F
5 Responses Mar 4, 2010

Actually, I haven't added you. However, this sample of your writing suggests an intelligent person.

I thought about adding but will let you make that decision

2 b honest im just lookin 4 ppl 2 talk 2. Just moved away from all my old frnds, & while im close enuff 2 visit, their 2 far 2 c often

i just want to be good friends with as many people as i possibly can<br />
i dont want sex because i already have dates

If I did, I'd do it for and opportunity for friendship, and yes, maybe sex. But I'm cool with the platonic ****. We could still be just friends. I've had so many potential relationships ( In real life too...) go that way, I'm kinda used to it. So, be yourself. A yourself you are happy with. Not to say you aren't...ah, **** it.