Obviously This Doesn't Apply To Everyone

  But the curiosity is just killing me in some cases. Obviously this doesn't apply to anyone who I've added.  Although, I suppose if you want to tell me why "friended" me in return, I'm not gonna complain but this question isn't meant for you, no offense.  This is for the people who add me out of the blue, no previous contact I'm aware of.  I mean, some people who add me talk to me, chat with me, message me, post on my whiteboard or comment.  Great.  Awesome.  Nice to meet you.  I F*ing love my EP friends...but how can I be friends with someone I've never talked to?

Which leads me to "the others."  They add me...then they just linger.  What's up with that?  Are you shy?   I'm not trying to be mean but what even brought you to my profile?  And when you got there, what made you add me?  And once you did, why not at least say something?  Why just hang out in the shadows?  What's with the lurking?  Do you even follow what I do or are you just "collecting people"? Do you have a secret compound on the other side of the island?..... Or is it like EP voyeurism?  Are you just like watching me?.....Are you doing something inappropriate right now...oh God, you are, aren't you?.................

On second thought, maybe, I don't want to know....

But seriously, I just want to know... why me?  Out of millions of people's sites, what brought you to my place? 
BrokenBear BrokenBear
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2 Responses Jun 27, 2011

Actually, I am puzzled by people who want to add me, when we have never had any contact that I know of - especially when we have no further contact, either! Are they just making a huge collection of friends to show off on their profiles? I think it would be good if people say why they want to add you - because they liked a story or your profile or your pictures or a shared experience.

Hey, I added you because we have similar experiences :)