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     I've notice a lot of firing aback and forth across the board betweem liberals and democrats.  I'm guilty. I saw a rather scathing story about conservatives, so I fired back, although I believe both democrats and republicans are the culprits in the mess we're in. I became a conservative because.

1)  I'm pro life. I believe that if you stop a functioning heart and brain, it's wrong.  (I'm toning down my rhetoric.)

2)  I love this country. I believe we have freedoms here that we just don't have anywhere else.

3)  We have some of the best medical care and social programs in the world

4)  I believe in a strong border security and national defense

5)  I believe that we all have the opporunity to succeed and purse happiness. ( I see no right to happiness, just the pursuit thereof.)

6)  I beive in a small government that works for the people.

7)  I believe in the freedom of religion and a firm barrier between religion and political ideologies/

8)  I believe the ten commandments are a viable list of guidelines for  good citizenship and should there for be posted at schools and court houses

9)  I believe every applicable citizen should be aloud to carry a hand gun, and keep one in their home***I also believe in strong laws concerning the storing of munitions of said fire arms**

10) Free speech

11) the right to marry regardless of sexual orientation (We've already broken the Biblical laws concerning marriage to don't give me that 'sanctity" stuff.

12) Legalization of marijuana laws with the same restrictions and taxations of alcohol.

13) but wait there's more.............................................................DON'T PULL DOWN THE STRONG TO BUILD UP THE WEAK.

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Thank you for the comment. Fair enough!

The people who live in a town or city could vote on whether they want the ten commandments displayed in their courthouse.....this is another one of those silly non-issues, like "gay Marriage" that keeps people distracted from what is important.

LOL Thank you Puck I consider that , a lovely compliment.

Gryffn, you are a moderate libertarain. Here's yout tag where it with pride/

I think this is a really great list of thoughtful and decent statements. I do not consider myself to be any of the present day buzz words like, "liberal", "conservative", "progressive", ad nauseum. I really appreciate you puck. I love people who clearly state as best they can, what they think, on any given day. Putting all arbitrary labels and name calling aside for a bit, on many of the notions you have listed, my point of view is very close to yours. #1. I too am Pro Life---I am also Pro choice...I believe that what transpires between a person and their medical professional is a private and confidential matter...It' is not my business or the business of the government. #2, I totally agree with that statement. #3..The emphasis here is the word, "some". #4 rather than "believe in"--I'd say, "hope for"#5. again, I'd say "hope" instead of "believe". #6.I wish that there was such a thing. #7 Again, I wish there were such a thing. #8. I think "may be" might be substituted for "should"...I think that what gets posted in a school could be decided by the parents, teachers and administrators of the school..after coming to some form of agreement on the matter. #9. I believe that the manufacturers of ammunition control the amount of fire power that citizens are allowed...Laws have no affect whatsoever on violent criminals. #10. Wisdom would suggest, prudence and caution in the ex<x>pression of "Free Speech". #11. Marriage is primarily a private matter between two individuals. Any agreement between two consenting adults as long as they are not harming each other--is not my business - nor is it the business of government., in my opinion. #12, Laws against plants are very dangerous... people should be able to plant anything they choose...however, in terms of our present culture, I agree with you on this one---The only reason that MJ is illegal is because so called respectable business folk are heavily invested in the drug trade and would lose a lot of money if it was made legal. #13. I would say, "The strong often need aid---and it should be available to them-as it is for the weak." LOL Puck, I'm looking forward to seeing what label you slap on me --after reading this list.