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There are many reasons why people join a group like EP but after the past few weeks, really need to share why I joined. First off, still can't recall what led me to this site, must have been fate or something, not sure but joined back in August and in many different ways, am so glad I did. This past year has been difficult, loss of my mom, my marriage faling apart, going through a seperation, divorce, no fun. I didn't join to find a new wife, to have cyber sex or to just flirt. There is alot of fun flirting going on in EP and it is good, it's even healthy.

I joined just to see what this place was all about, when I did, was optimistic, met a few people and quickly picked up some friends, some good, some, well, needed to be someone elses. That is one of the great things about EP, there truly is something for everyone. While I have been here, my group has ended up being reduced quite a bit to a small group of close friends, people I truly care about and they actually care about me. We encourage each other, share hurts, pains and even great news and exciting changes, it's pretty sweet. I didn't join to start a new relationship, although that may happen in time, taking things slow. Hope all of you are finding what you desired from EP, hope you all have a group like mine but dount it, selfishly think mine is absoloutely the best.
romanticdreams romanticdreams 46-50, M 5 Responses Jan 1, 2012

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It's interesting how many people say thy came upon EP by accident, because that's how it happened for me, too! I hadn't had this computer very long, and am quite "technically challenged," so was just playing around, trying out some things, and I still don't recall exactly how I ended up on the EP site, tho I too am really glad I did!

Sound alot like many of us Queen, am glad you found your way here

I remember when you first came to EP. You were a breath of fresh air my Friend. I always enjoyed hearing from you...and I still do to this day. EP is definitely what you make of it...and it's not exactly the same for any two people. I am glad you continue to hang your hat here in EP Land. It wouldn't be the same without you. ((Hugs)) :)

Thank you Kat, when I did come, you were one of the first to encourage me on my writings, you were the friendly face to this place and I will never forget that. Am so excited you have found love, your comments are always encouraging to me.

Awww...thanks so much RD. I really appreciate your kind words. Isn't it funny...but I enjoyed you so much because you were always so friendly to me. I think we were mirroring each other my Friend. It's nice when that happens isn't it? :)

---------------------------------------------------<br />
I am glad your alive too,and home safe.<br />
i joined ep by mistake, i was actually learning how to type<br />
and was getting used to my new laptop,i thought i might go<br />
on one of those find out about yourself by your numerology numbers things<br />
and then i got an advertisement inviting me to join ep,and learn about<br />
other peoples experiences while sharing yours,didnt get it at first,when i see<br />
anything that is charging £, it makes me think, but this place was different,you could choose<br />
not to pay and still join for free, so i signed up<br />
and got kind of used to it after a LONG while , hey,(iam a slow learner) & i and still cant type !<br />
its nice to have you back ,<br />
we all missed you around here :)<br />
Karen :)

I just happened to come across EP while I was on the computer one day in December. The amount of groups is just astounding. I am navigating through them as time permits. I am still trying to figure out how to contact people and ask to be their friend with mutual interests. I just retired at the end of the year (2011). I now have time to enjoy life and meet new people directly or on this site. This ought to be fun.

WElcome to EP, enjoy finding your way around, it is a wonderful place

Your sweet :)

Sweet maybe, definitely honest, thanks for being such a wonderful friend, you rock!