Why Did I Join

i was looking for friend that may have been thu what i been thu i lost my hubby in 92back then there was no experienc i dont do drug and very open mine d.shy and work long hours i join to make friend all color to read poems
lisaheavy lisaheavy
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I guess I joined to meet friends here and share experiences and interests. However, EP has blocked many stories, so hard to share. Love to be your friend here again.

I was looking for ways to survive a sexless marriage and found an experience on EP but needed to join to read any of the postings.

I was looking for an adult sight to share my pics and stories but even though this site was ok for that as it has an adult setting, things have got a bit fussy. You now have to watch what words you put in a story or it get deleted. I got deleted because I had adult pictures in my profile, which by the way they say they provide an adult setting for.

Love to chat

the thing I have learned over the years is judge the person for how they are who they are not by the way they look

be lucky and I hope you find what your looking for x

I joined ep to be honest. I am looking for marriage sex and trust with my emotions. I love to fantasize here and surf EP in search of that special person. Love Naked Love Tonight

we are all in this together which is what i like about EP

very good reasons welcome to my group

very good reasons welcome to my group

very good reasons welcome to my group

very good reasons welcome to my group

I'm from India 25 yr old 09342239959 just sms or call if interested