How I Found Ep

I was kinda sad. It was the beginning of 2011 and was going though a lot and felt like I needed someone to talk to. So I googled and don't remember exactly what I typed in search bar but it was probably something like I need someone to talk to. I have friends and family outside of EP but didn't feel comfortable sharing some of the stuff I was feeling with them.  I tried to call a 800 number and find a counselor but I couldn't muster enough courage. I am better expressing myself though writing as suppose to verbally communicating. So I found EP and was curious about the site so I started going though it and started reading some of the stories and confessions and I remember reading some stories that I could relate too and I was happy to know there where other people with similar experiences. I had the account for a while and wasn't too active at first. I just observed and read a lot. I had actually written some stories and then decided I was going to quit site so deleted my stories...but then changed my mind. I started meeting nice people on EP and read some stories that really touched me and some of the stories made me think a lot even when I wasn't logged on. I am so glad I did not delete my account and so glad I found this site. I don't see myself quitting this site at all and intend to stay here for a very long time. Now that I feel like me again and happy, I've decided to stay and comment on other stories and write positive stories and I try to motivate and cheer others and make people smile :)
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3 Responses Jan 3, 2012

I am glad that you did not leave EP. You and I seem to be same minded in many ways. Its awesome to be able to relate to someone that way. Btw, I found a new avatar for my profile. I still love my other one. This one reminded me of you. A butterfly. I been seeing butterflies all over outside. I found out from a neighbor that they love the Crown Flower tree. I took a walk with my favorite dog, and came upon three Crown Flower trees full of Monarch Butterfly Caterpillars, so I picked some gently for my neighbors tree. She was so happy. Thank you for being my EP friend. :-)

Ahww yeih! Just reading your positive comments today cheered me up today. I noticed and LOVED your new avatar. I LOVE butterflies especially monarchs...they so pretty. I'm glad you are my EP friend. You are one of my new found GEMs...your sweet! :D

That's an awesome story :) You have always been able to cheer me up when I'm feeling down, today included. I'm also very proud to call you my friend.

ahww! yeih! glad I could cheer you up. Keep your head up girl :D

Wow, nice story, just like a confession. You're great. I'm proud to be Your friend :D

Thank you Julie...proud to be your friend too xD