Why I Joined

I was sitting in my Class my Senior year working on my Journalism assignment, and I was having a rough day to say the least so I searched google for a support group on Depression. *this was before I was DX with Bipolar disorder* and I found a site called DepressionTribe, well they had an adversitment on the site for site called "ExperienceProject" I found it, had to make an account to Join and I joined and ever since than I have been hooked on this site. I remember my 1st friend on here, Snowbunny1002. She made me feel so welcomed here =) I Love the friends I have met. I have made mistakes while being here, I have grown up on this site. I have lived the past few years on this site. I find it extremely helpful, and I have met some of the most amazing people on this site. Some of my best friends are my best friends. I'd be lost without them all. Without this site who knows where I would be. I have deleted my account more than once, and more than once have I come back. I am in Love with this site, and most of everything that it stands for =)
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1 Response Nov 2, 2012

I joined because I needed to get rid of the burden that I have carried for years. I want to move on in life and confess what has not worked out in my life.