"so, Why Are You Single?"

I stole this from another site..but it rocks
Because I don't partner-hop.

Because I'm comfortable being alone.

Because I don't believe that any old partner is better than flying solo.

Because I value my independence, and a potential partner had damn well better be worth sacrificing that.

Because I don't fear silence.

Because you're not it.

Because he isn't either.

Because it's important to me to do things for the right reasons, and desperation and loneliness aren't listed among them.

Because I'm awesome- so awesome, that I can only be handled in very, very small doses ;) It's really for your own protection!
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

You go with your bad self!!!
I second all those comments and then will put my own on a post. :)

WOW I think this was written all about me especially the last one LMAO.

Nice...and you are awesome too...blows you a kiss