People Leave Your Life For No Reason

Okay so this has happend a lot of times- I meet new people, and we get along really well. We talk, share our stories and make each other laugh. All those precious moments were spent but suddenly, one day, they just decide to move on?!?!??? :O
What the fiddlesticks is that all about? Do people just decide to randomly leave or go like "ooh this person was great entertainment, let's just move on now"?!???? I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that they just leave! After all the time and effort to keep in touch and share beautiful memories together, they just decide to go?!? Its kinda crazy! Maybe I'm being oldskool here, but friends should last a lifetime. No matter where in the wolrd you are, I don't care about what you do or why you do it or anything, if you make an effort to be a friend, so will I, and just like all other relationships, FRIENDSHIP is a relationship too! Its supposed to be alive. Words can't explain how crappy I feel when I loose a friend, especially someone who means a lot to me. Ah well, after trying to fix things and failed attempts, life must go on and we ought to be happy for all that we have :)
ayestar ayestar
18-21, F
Sep 5, 2012