Where Are They

Where are the women with all the fantasies.  I know they are here somewhere because I have read some great stories from them.  Most women seem to enjoy "hard romance" which to me means you know the guy but somehow he knows all of your magic buttons that just drive you wild.  And 6 pack don't hurt I guess.  Some women talk about "being taken" but not to where there is any real danger involved. 


But my question to the girls is, do you want your fantasy to come true or to remain a fantasy

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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

The thought not the act itself, so fantasy is exactly that a fantasy, no anchor to realiity

good question. I don't know if I want it to come true. Perhaps it is just a fantasy - but the thought of mfm & ffm really turns me on.

So you want to have sex with 2 other people. Do you hope it will come true ?? Or just something you dream about and don't want to come true ??

fantasy - an interesting concept. And at what level of fantasy are you talking?<br />
The fantasy of someone you know you can trust taking every inch of your body........<br />
of them enticing you to ***** for them,<br />
peeling clothes dropping to the floor as they watch you, <br />
OBVIOUSLY horny as hell.<br />
<br />
Be called by them to come to their knee,<br />
To kneel at their knee,<br />
to slowly unwrap their engorged ****<br />
and slide it inch by inch into your mouth,<br />
<br />
to feel the presence of another person in the room,<br />
to know someone's watching you,<br />
to feel their breath on your neck as their hands slide down your back,<br />
round you,<br />
over your thighs,<br />
...............<br />
?<br />