Chinese Language

I love the ones showing the Chinese translation for words or phrases.  :)

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OMG, that's HILARIOUS. Somehow, I read "I Want to Know Your Favorite Fortune Cookie" !! That's so funny... Well, my favorite cookie, is actually oatmeal, walnut, chocolate chip, the way my mom used to make them.... While the PotBelly chain, and, I think Nordstrom's, has oatmeal-chocolate chip, no one goes the extra mile... with the walnuts too! :)

oatmeal raisin, answers the question, but not the heading.<br />
Took my wife out for lunch one day, we trade off paying, and today was her turn. When they brought the bill, and the cookies, I popped mine open, and this is no joke, it said, "Don't be cheap, pay for lunch", I did, but we still laugh about it. Never saw one like that before.