Straight Guy Forced To Submit By Gay Guy... Not Fantasy...its True

I was a straight guy looking for some fun on internet. Accidentally I entered a gay chat room and found the talk horny, so I decided to remain there for a while. Because of my pic on my profile some guys stated asking things but I said I am straight. Most of them backed off but one of them asked me if I fancy a blow job from a guy. I told him why not. he asked me where do I stay. Finally I found he works 20 min drive away from my place. So he begged for sucking my ****. I was loving all the attention and being in charge. I "ordered" him over. Next day at 14:25 I got his call that he is free to provide me his services so I told him to come. When he came I was astonished and a bit frightened from his bulky strong muscular body. Although I was still thinking that I am the boss here. He got inside and undressed himself. I could not resist watching his strong body being a 118 lbs weakling myself. I think he noticed the attention and started becoming more open and domineering. He asked me to get naked but I declined fearing humiliating muscle comparison. So i just took my pants off after which he started laughing. When I asked the reason he told me "how the hell you can invite somebody to suck that pathetic little thing". I could not said a word and he pulled out his bigger and much thicker 8 incher. I looked at it and bowed down my head in humiliation. To my surprise that was actually turning me on. He saw my 4.5 incher and burst into laughter. I said do not laugh to which he replied watcha gonna do punyboy. I was stunned but hard. He grabbed me by shirt and pulled me to a corner. I knew I can never take on this guy in strength so I just followed. He told me to ***** which I declined again. He just slapped me hard enough to make some tears rolling down my cheeks and I rapidly took my shirt off. I was all bones and a bit flab compared to his all muscle body. We both wee getting hard. He told me to kiss his feet and tell him who is the real man here otherwise he is gonna break every bone in my body. scared and excited I did what he ordered and remained on my knees in front of him. He did not waited and put his **** in my mouth and forcefully facefucked me. After that he wanted anal to which i said "No way". He said "o yeah" and threw me on the bed grabbed me from butt and started raping me. I was in so much pain. To be honest i did got hard watching his muscles and getting humiliated but when he was ******* me and I was giving him oral I was not at all hard and instead was cursing myself for inviting him over. Before leaving he told me to be available whenever he wants to which I just nodded still on my knees with hardon.
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no question to *** into mouth and ***!
If you want similar experience... I'l do.

sure sir why not

did he *** inside you ?


WOW i would not laugh at you love smaller guys I have a medium one & would not want to hurt you.

great story
u can suck me anytime ;)

Sounds s hot

I'll be nice to you :P

plz don't be:)

I would not laugh and I would make you ***

Next time I will feed you my thick 9 inches and you will take all if it.

yes Sir, i will

Been dominated again dude? Been orally and anally raped again?

Good boy, to have been raped and on your knees with a hard-on , while taking orders from a dominate man is what you need

yes Sir

thanks all

Yikes did you enjoy it?

Thank you so much for sharing hot

Now I love to meet you

I realize that was not what you bargained for but as a story it was hot. Hope you were ok.

yes sir i am ok.....thanks

Phwuuu. that got me stone hard, damn i wish i coulda took your cheery **** hole.