All I Own Are Panties

I luve panties, and enjoy the response from the sales lady when they know that the panites that I am buying are for me:)
kendra247cd kendra247cd 51-55, M 4 Responses Jul 3, 2012

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there all i have worn for 30 years now

I like to shop at the salvation army and other Op shops for second hand panties and skirts. The older ladies behind the counter give a nice smile when they figure out the panties are for me, I like to let the lace show at the top of my jeans as I bend over to pick up the money I drop, I get so horny knowing they know. Wish I had the guts to do that in front of younger woman.

What responses do you get when shopping for panties? And what stores do you shop at for panties?

I stoped last night for some new panties at the Jockey outlet...picked out two 3 box my standard french cut panties and the other a box set of string bikini's and they were some hot sexy coloures...the sales lady said these are going to fit nicely; I smiled and said thank you....

I have a jockey outlet near me too. The sales ladies are really great about the panties, Shapewear and bras carried by jockey. Do your SA's smile often when you bring the panties to the counter?