It was Fall. I was in the backyard with my big sister, Rebecca, who was 10 years older (and probably in her teens at the time). She was raking leaves while I played in them, and per usual, she wasn't too enthused to be babysitting. Though she was always a very stern big sister, I specifically remember her deciding to play with me that time...even if it meant that her chores would take longer.
I remember running as fast as my little legs could carry me and throwing myself into her leaf piles, swimming through the crunchy, colorful leaves. At one point she buried me in a mound of them, helping me hide from the outside world for a little while.
Life was simple. All that mattered was my sister and those bright, spicy smelling leaves.
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Woah, that's deep lol. Made me all sentimental and stuff. Man I miss being a kid.