3 Words Of Pow-wa!!!

So thinking about it....yeah these are my 3 favorite words not because they have any meaning but because it's my three most used words.

- Basically

- Seriously

- Malice


Now to combo this set list....

"Basically, her malice burned with the fiery rage of 1000 burning suns of fiery malice...true story...seriously."


And yeah...thats a typical sentence from me ^_-

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2 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Aloa,<br />
<br />
well my 3 of my favourite words are:<br />
gorgeous, lovely and and and (very difficult! Now you are asking, I don't know anymore! :( )<br />
eeeeh especially!<br />
Also: I love you! (3 worths, the most beautiful words put together!)

Thanks<br />
Here<br />