The Words I Love To Hear And To Say

To hear these words makes me feel so precioius, loved, vital and in general like a good decent human being, a member of the human race (for those unfamilar with depression we feel UN... many things very often...)

~ i love you

~ the best mom

~ you are amazing/precious/wonderful/awesome/incredible/

~ you are beautiful/lovely

Now to say words, these i love to say  

~ i love you

~ in Russian and Latvian , my two native languages, when you take a person's name and add letters, you endear it, there is no English equivalent, sadly! It's so wonderful for example I have at least 5 name sakes (can I call them that?:) in my languages. Well what i LOVE  to say is a namesake I use for my daughter, and have called her that since her babyhood days, she is now 13.5 and very far from being a little girl. I love to say that to her and in my mind as I am saying it it's very emotional, evoking many very sweet and tender memories of our times together...

~ and of course the incomparable "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"

Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
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Hope, Love, Forgiveness.