...more commonly known as DXM. DXM is the main active ingredient in nearly all cough medicines. People tend to consider this a "teenager's drug." I must say that, while drinking cough syrup to get high (NOT drunk - that is a common misconception) is a teenager thing to do, the drug itself is far, far more than "another high."
  I am in no way endosing its use, nor am I claiming it to be safe. I  have been addicted to the out-of-body and otherworldly effects starting at 17 (My 25th birthday was a month ago). However, the new perspectives, great insights, and inner visions would fade away after a few hundred trips / a few years. This left me with a physical high, very heavy / off-balance feeling, and pretty extreme nausea. That's more or less it. Yet, for some ******* reason, I still use it. I know I will not have a breakthrough psychedelic expereince like I did when I was younger, but apparently there's still something about the feeling DXM gives me that I subconsciously love... Aside from the substance, I love to think, learn, and examine... Being on it, I felt like a living supercomputer (If you've never done it, then that reference is gonna sound really nerdy.. but I'm a lil' bit of that, too, lol.)
  I wouldn't mind doing it as often as I do - I've cut down drastically to once or twice per month - except for the fact that I know, and have know for a while, that it is doing horrible things to my liver, kidneys, and stomach. I am conscious of this. I'm also usually rather rational, but I can't figure out why the **** I don't just stop using it?!
  As a side note, I have wanted to submit a story or a lil piece about DXM for a whiiiile.. (maybe to and never felt right doing it. I think I like EP. :]
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i've been addicted to coricidin cough and cold for like 7 years now. i've noticed that even if i'm just "hungover" from the pills, i can't get high off of acid, or ecstasy, or any other psychadellic drug. it completely cancels out everything and forces you to experience the hangover. weed is the only thing that really helps with it. and as far as salvia....where do you get it at? how would you even obtain it?

Sinbad, I have used Salvia about ten times in the past. From the leaf to the 40x extract. I never had a breakthrough experience. This may be because it works on the same receptors inthe brain as opiates do, and I have a naturally high tolerance to all opiates. When I was a bit younger, 17 - 21, I had taken Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Morpheine, and Suboxone.. fore than a few times, up to two OC 80s at once one time (These were all under legal sc<x>ripts). I never had any effect at all besides an extreme itch. Even the pain releif factor was minimal >.< But thank you :]

My addiction is weed. people say its not addictive but after 20 years of heavy use I can tell you that they are wrong. I understand the need you have to trip. I have it to. I used to be real bad about over doing it when it came to acid or shrooms. I cracked my mind and cant really take long trips like that anymore but fortunatly I found something called salvia devorinium. Its an herb that you smoke like weed. Its also the most powerful phcodelic I've ever done. Hits you like about 10 hits of acid all at once and only lasts for about 2 minutes. Mabey you should try it. It might help you get off the cough syrup.

Yeah, I agree, Dredd.. my tolerance definitely skyrocketed.. from about .5g to 1.5g >.< <br />
I want to stop for like 6 or 8 months, but every time I get 5 or 6 weeks out, I say, "**** it, it's already been a while.."