Me At My Finest?

I'm no sure if its a real addiction per say... more like a need? i don't know, whatever the case is, I'm addicted (or have the need) to help others or see them through their tough times. That sounds not so bad but sometimes it feels as if I care too much or try to help at the wrong time. I'm naturally a gentle, loving, caring, and sweet person so I naturally just help whomever needs it instead of focusing on my problems. But maybe its turned into me Avoiding my problems and getting involved way too much in ones that aren't my own. I also think I get my feelings hurt this way when people aren't used to my kindness so they put walls up and I always feel like it was my fault for being in the way. Does that sound silly?
RosaRod666 RosaRod666
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2012

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