There Have Been So Many

You know whats funny...even when I was in my very early teens  I just knew I had an addictive personality.  

I have had and still have addictions. Although I cannot complain about my life right now. If I want it to be better all I have to do is change some stuff...yes easier said than done of course.

So my addictions have ranged throughout my life and in no particular order....

-Heroin,alcohol, weed, cocaine, crack (yes poly-drug user)
-Coffee (when I got clean haha)
-Cigarettes (which I have pretty much stopped and if most have 1 or 2 a week if that)
-A girl named Mary...still kinda do but not as bad as it was years ago...I even cut her name into my top thigh like six years ago which I can still see..and I like that its there ;) thats a whole other story though lol
-Cutting myself (but not crazy bad I just wanted to see a little blood and get relief from the emotion I was feeling which was usually very upset...oh and I haven't cut in a long time although I'm not going to say "never again"
-Collecting houseplants..which I have stopped although I still have some pretty cool plants.
-************..this started when I was like seven or eight before I even knew what it just felt good lol so I did it a lot
-Writing my name on stuff
-Guys (I haven't obsessed in a while like i used to)
-Biting my nails (totally stopped)

hmmm I am sure there are more but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now...

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2 Responses Mar 21, 2012

i can addictions continue to plague me, but i happily live with them, and have discarded the most harmful! enjoyed your words.

Yes that is a very good way to put it... I still have stuff that I do that may not be the best for me but I do live with it...and happily at times too your right! lol There's nothing wrong with it =)

thanks for reading


Progress not perfection. That and now when my houseplants go missing I know who to blame.

haha I am the houseplant thief....I'm really not though I paid for all of them fair and square...well maybe a couple were gifts