A Video Gamers Take On Overstimulation

No Computer Games for 60 Days and Dopamine
So basically, I decided to completely rid my addiction of games. The title says computer games. But I extended it to any virtually created game including apps, console games etc.
I've been on it for 12 days now, including today, and I have to say, this is ****ing magnificent. I feel a dramatic improvement in how I feel about myself, the clarity of my thoughts and general fulfillment.
The change was actually inspired by this site. It was built for **** addicts but really it describes the process of addiction. I'm not addicted to **** by any means now. But 2 years ago, I was addicted and had been addicted for around 2 years by that point. I only found this site recently, but it still intrigued me and I wanted to know what was going on in my brain when I was addicted to ****.
I found out that all addictions come from dopamine, a chemical produced by the limbic system ( the paleomammalian part of your brain) in your brain. This chemical gives us the drive to do things, its basically the pleasure chemical. Anyway, to cut a long story short there are 4 receptors in your brain which receive the dopamine hit. When we watch **** or eat unnaturally high calorie food, or as I worked out, play computer games we receive a monster dopamine hit. If we regularly do these things, our 4 receptors end up becoming 2, as the dopamine hit is too much for our receptors to handle, thus numbing our dopamine receptors, meaning less pleasure from things. Now seeing as dopamine is actually necessary for us ie. it gives us the desire to live, once the number of our receptors decrease and our pleasure response is numbed we don't get as much pleasure out of every day activities anymore ( this can easily lead to depression). So we go back to the things which gave us so much pleasure such as ****, high calorie food, video games and of course, drugs. These become the only sources that give us a large enough hit for us to feel 'normal' and 'content' and again.
As I was reading all this I realized that although I wasn't addicted to **** anymore, I still was addicted to the dopamine and that my receptors were still a little numbed. However now, I was getting it from video games. So I looked at what this site advised **** users to do, and it's what they call a 'Reboot'. Basically, not watching any ****, or even ************ for a FULL 60 DAYS! As this reboots your brain, and allows your dopamine receptors to regrow to their full 4! Meaning you can feel a normal pleasure response again! And I have to say, after just one week of not playing computer games or doing other big hit dopamine activities I feel a lot happier about my life in general.
PS. Now my brain wants to eat so much high calorie food and I feel like watching **** again. I never use to even enjoy food that much, but getting my pleasure response back makes everything so much more enjoyable. But I have to be careful I don't get addicted to food now!

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Nov 16, 2013