Things That Make Molly Go Yum =]

hmm addictions. mine are a little messed up but i cant help it. and most of mine are food stuffs. i spend most of my day eating lol

(1) my biggest addiction is defiantly Rice Krispy Treats [lmao] i know i know its kinda lame but i cant help it THEY ARE SO GOOD!!!!

(2) my cigarettes. damn i cant live without some menthol in my life lol


(4) ice cold Pepsi. nothing is better then that. i swear.

(5) this one is kind of weird. and my mom says its not healthy. tuna fish straight from the can. omg i love tuna lol. i eat close to 8-10 cans a week.

(6) i would never be able to live without Salisbury steak. lol that one is kind of cheesy but i LOVE it.

(7) I'm absolutely in love with Jack Daniels Down Home Punch. lol i know I'm not 21 but i cant ever get enough of those.

(8) this one should have been waaaay farther up on my list but i forgot it. Those awesomely great tasting Cup O' Noodle things. its kinda like the Ramon Noodle things but its in a cup. yum yum yum =]

simplyXcinderella simplyXcinderella
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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

mine are cigarettes and coffee