Sagistarius All The Way "the Opposite Of Man And Beast, The Balance To Man-kind"

I am a Sagistarius.  True to nature by loving the warm colors of earthtone, the outdoors, and the beauty of the natural objects. 

I love hard and love everyone. I am committed and faithful to all that I come in contact with.  Friendly by nature.  Yes, I am loyal.  I do sometimes have the tendancy to be carefree.  Being open-minded keeps me in the moment.  I live to enjoy.  Being very expressive and verbal. 

I hate to repeat myself over and over.  That makes me irritable.  Yes irritable. I consider myself to be a true friend to the end.  Very forgiving, loving, and honest.  Trustworthy!


Though I do have a flip side.   I don't handle being lied to.  The truth shall set you free.  I can be forceful with the tongue.  Is this the true signs of a Sagistarius, well, this is part of my characters.  I am apt to change under the circumstances.  That is my flip side.

vanessadelrio vanessadelrio
46-50, F
Feb 27, 2010