What's Wrong With Me?

I was born in early June and know I am a Gemini, but I don't display or express any of the Gemini traits and characteristics. For instance, geminis are known as the communicators of the zodiac, they are socially extroverted and flighty and have a wide circle of friends and other contacts. They love to flirt and network. They find success in various forms of communications...media, publishing, acting, telecommunications...etc. I am none of those. I am the most shy, introverted person I know. I don't go out on the weekends and am not a 'people' person. I love to write, but am afraid to share it with other people because of my knack for being misunderstood. I have no real close bonds except with my children. I prefer to be alone with a good book than be out inviting intelligent conversations with others even though I love those types of discussions. Whenever I try to open up a discussion of interest, people look at me as if I'm weird so the effort is futile. What is wrong with me? Why doesn't the universe allow me to be the gemini I Was born to be?
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Looks like you already know that, I just noticed lol >.< disregard my last comments. I can relate though. I am a scorpio sun and don't express certain traits and characteristics.

Nothing is wrong with you :) also, There is more to a person than their sun sign. You would want to take into account their moon sign, and what planets are in their 7th house, on ones natal chart. You can get your natal chart info at astro.com :) all you need is your birthdate, time, and location. It is very insightful and can be healing :) it is a map of your existence written in the stars...
Good luck...xo

also, the 7th house is the house of relationships and how we relate to others etc...

Does seem like the astral calendar has been slipping a bit late, lucky -- I guess we'll just have to be who we want to be. (A quiet Leo.)

It doesn't help that my birth chart has intercepted signs. I can only be the best me I can be. :)

Check out your moon sign. Mine is in Pisces, which explains why I too am an atypical gemini.

OMG! So is mine! I wouldn't think the moon sign could override the ascendant, which in my case is also Gemini. Thanks for the heads up. :)

Not override but modify. My birthday is also in early June.
Remember that personality can also be affected by your upbringing.