I Want to Know Your Best Break Up Line

OK - we have ALL done this.

What is you ALL TIME BEST line that you have given or you have received?? 

I'll start with the classic: It's not you - it's me  : )

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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5 Responses Dec 15, 2008

Hey exukinsf - that's pretty good! Have to rememer that one : )

Your ugly I'm drunk but at least i will be sober in the morning.........

Wow kyrlanzelo - that was pretty harsh!! Sorry about that one .... : (

okay, I'm a guy obviously =D and i received a break up line from my girlfriend that goes like this.. "I don't like guys anymore and your best friend and i have been making out for the past week" my best friend was also a girl and as far as i knew they were straight. I'll never trust a woman's sexuality again and they actually still are going out, if you're wondering.

NB- you are so funny! My best friend used the I'm gay line on me ... wow. Turns out he really is gay! :) great guy - but WAY gay!