My bra size is an approximate 34D! :o
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18-21, F
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I am a 34/36 C and I love them ! :)

I'd love to see them

wow...I would love to see these and be able to appreciate them

mmmmmm yum

Very good size

that sounds like a nice size. If you add me and look at my pics hope you'll find that I don't need a bra!

My kind of girl! And big nipples too!??? :o I hope you'll add me =)

Perfect size. You're under 21 so theyre going to get bigger you know x

great *** size ! ! !!

Thank you for adding me, I have now been lucky enough to see your 34D's. They are magnificent, I hope you continue to pose and post for many years to come.

An interesting first story about yourself. I want to be a fan.

That is my favorite size ... what a coincidence ! ;-)

mmmmm good size!

and do yuo like it?

My wife is 36f

Me to 34d

Thats An Awesome size 2 play with & 2 admire Baby !! Love 2 see them soon .

34D is the perfect size x Lucky girl :)

I bet they are beautiful ;-)

Hmmmm I would love to see 😃

My wife's is 38EE. I'm a happy guy

thats sexy size....are your nipples always erect?

Nice great size

do tell us more!!

thats wonderful

Nice very nice...love your profile pic :)


Very impressive. Congrats on being so well endowed :)

that to be is about as perfect as a size gets.