Newports For Me

I smoke Newport 100s. Prolly cuz its what my mom smokes so they were easy to get when I started but i love them.
kim14b kim14b
13-15, F
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Marlboro Red pack

Marlboro lights

my brand is chesterfield.. i would love to try newports.. i heard theyre really nice

I usually smoke Marlboro Reds 100 but my best friend is a Newports girl... so its kinda second brand for me :) Cool you enjoy them... WHen did you start and how much you smoke?

Marlboro reds it has to be Kim. But I'm very happy for you that you're loving your newports and nicely addicted now...well done to your mum in being so supportive! Chris x

I kim, love Marlborough! Im totally addicted to nicotine, started when I was 11!

That makes a lot of sense. I don't smoke myself, I eat! :)

nothing wrong with that

Definitely nothing wrong with that! I eat and it shows! lol

Good for you! I started at 12 and loved every deep inhale; you go girl! Please add a fellow smoker. Cheers!

U are only 13-15 and you friggen SMOKE?! Honey you need some serious help. Quit PLEASE!!!!!! =(