Newport 100s

Mmmm, my favorite. I will sometimes go for Maverick 100s menthol if I don't have enough money for Newports. I honestly dont know why I like smoking so much. Maybe because of the calming feeling? I currently havent smoked since yesterday morning and its making me angry. I have to wait til tomorrow for my boyfriend to buy me another pack tomorrow. Ive been smoking since 15 and Im gonna be 17 next month. Well, yeah... I started off with Mistys 120s I dont know which kind though. I think they were lights, they were the green box, but I have also had the rose's (the pink ones). I have tried quitting previously, but it never really works out. Soo, yeah. I plan on quitting officially when I turn 18. Til then, Im gona continue to SPARK UP!!
GettingOverShit GettingOverShit
22-25, F
Feb 13, 2013