I recently switched to EVE 120s, the "sapphire" blend. My Merits which I've been smoking for 22 years started tasting a bit harsh (did they change the blend?) and after a lot of thought I made my mind up to switch brands. I tried about 6 different styles and brands before deciding on Eves. I bought these first on impulse, as they were displayed front and center in a C-Store I randomly stopped at on a trip, and was at time first contemplating trying a longer, slimmer style cigarette. Well, I enjoyed Eve's light but pleasant flavor right from the start and was soon looking forward to smoking them more than my other choices. They seemed odd at first, but everybody should be allowed to enjoy the cigarette style best suited for them. It might look a bit unorthodox to be smoking these, but then, maybe they do look "elegant", if not alluring. I really surprised that by switching to a slimmer 120s style cigarette for the first time (and I've been a smoker for almost 30 years) how much I am really enjoying being a smoker again. I felt self conscious at first, as from the smoker's perspective, they really look different (weird at first). I'm used to them now after a couple of months and now prefer the feel of a slimmer cigarette between my fingers and in the corner of my mouth, if not also the look of them We used to call these "Grandma cigarettes" when I was young as only old ladies smoked them. But I see now "age has wisdom" as there are many advantages to smoking a longer cigarette. I switched because I wanted to relax more while smoking rather than just quickly getting a nicotine fix, which the longer cigarette forces me to do. But the biggest advantage of this cigarette style is the longer filter which keeps the smoke a bit cooler and not so harsh, allowing me too smoke them all the way down to the end, which does wonders for assuaging the cravings. As the extra length cigarettes cost the same, so why not!!!
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I smoke Marlboro red 100s and VS120s. i dont care what people think of a guy smoking a 120, smoke what u like. Have you tried Saratoga 120s yet?

Back when I smoked I was addicted to Virginia Slims Menthol Lights. I loved to smoke out in the back yard and wet my pants as I exhaled, it just seemed to be double naughty to be smoking and wetting myself at the same time...and getting drunk on lots of beer that contributed to the wetting. I'm also into diapers so I'm sure you understand the erotic, exciting, naughtiness of the whole situation. I've enjoyed all you stories, by the way, and sincerely hope you will post more on smoking, diapers, and more.

i smoke more 120's and i have enjoyed them for about 20 years have you ever tried them?

No, Coincidently, my Grandma used to smoke them too, just as she did my Eves. I don't see any guys smoking 120s, but now that I'm smoking a longer cigarette, I can certainly see why a commited smoker would want to enjoy the many advantages of a longer cigarette, as I now do. Are your Mores the darker ones like my Grandma's were? A guy might look less femmy smoking those, and I would certainly like to try one if you offered me one.

i smoke more reds 120! have you ever tried them?

I roll my own with the blend of tobacco I enjoy. There is a place called Half Price Cigarettes where I get my smoking supplies. 25 bucks will get me 8 oz. tobacco and enough tubes to do up a carton of smokes. I have to put in a bit of work but it sure beats the prices a store will charge these days.

Well, I'm at the point where, if needed, I'd make my own cigarettes, But, like most smokers I opt for the convenience and quality of manufactured cigarettes. But you do have a point, with a 70 dollar a week habit, I'm tempted to take your advice.

I enjoy marlboro light 100's. I agree with the longer cigarette but i tried slimmer. I wasnt a fan, just my preference.

Camel menthol silver , i love the crush tip flavor lol