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D Good Ol' Days

 When I was little, every Christmas Eve, my cousins and I would go caroling at night and we got money for it. 

At school before Christmas break, we would have a Christmas party and we would exchange gifts. 

Back at home, we would either have the Christmas party at my aunt's house, my uncle's house, or my house. It would get crowded because I have a big family. My many aunts, uncles, and cousins would be there. It was really fun. There was also lots of food. The grownups would gamble and the kids would be left alone to play with each other or join the grownups. 

When the clock struck 12, we would exchange gifts. I didn't get many gifts but I still liked my Christmas. Money would be tossed and us kids would try to grab it or there would be fireworks.

Also before Christmas, my family and I would go to see the Christmas display at the city and the Miss Gay pageant. I love the gay pageants. Some of those gays look better than a lot of girls. :)) It was very entertaining.

And on some Christmas, we would go to the early mass at church. One time, there was a presentation about the birth of Jesus Christ and stuff and I had to play an angel.

I really miss those days. 

Then I moved here. No more caroling or exchange gifts. No more fireworks. No more running around and playing outside. What was there was snow or really cold weather and many gifts but a very boring Christmas at my cousin's house. There was a great variety of foods though. We'd have some Mexican food like tamales, some Chinese food, some Korean food, some Filipino food, and American food like turkey, ham, and my favorite Buffalo Joe's buffalo wings suicide flavor. There'd be dessert as well. 

For the morning, we'd get donuts or eat the leftover cake or food from the night before. Everyone would be really tired from staying up all night. 

Then years past and I got older. I grew very distant from my family here and have come to dread Christmas. I barely get any presents anymore. Basically, its mostly my parents that give me gifts now and I make sure that they give me money. 

So, I wonder what this Christmas will bring. I think more suicidal thoughts. I really wish that I could go back to the old days... 


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Wow, you had some amazing soundng celebrations when you were little! Although, the thought of buffalo wings on Christmas Eve is pretty cool too. Maybe when you have a family of your own you can start the same traditions you had when you were young.