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Food That Tastes Like Forest And Sea


Dark bread, fresh and hot from the oven
Calamari (*not* breaded)
Vine ripe beefsteak tomatoes, fresh from the garden
Portobello mushrooms


Spring water
Dark craft beer



windlion windlion 56-60, M 2 Responses Apr 17, 2012

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Food: Good bread be it warm or room temperature. With butter. And good cheese. And purple grapes. Even the ones with the seeds.
Freshly grilled peppers, onions-white or purple, zucchini (I don't know how to make it, mushrooms.
Fresh pineapple and mangoes.
Corn on the cob from the farmer's market.

Drinks: Ice cold water. Pure.
Fresh brewed ice tea.
Apple cider-ice-cold,
Fresh lemonade with slices of lemons and oranges and limes in transparent pitchers with beads of water slowly dripping down....And tall frosted glasses with lemonade in them.

Dessert: I cannot think of food. Just of a certain man who satisfies my need for sweetness. I could ask for no more.

Thank you for sharing. :)

Entirely understood. Myself, I'd go for Alaska instead; not much in the way of "fresh" other than in tight local markets at a couple of cities up north. Best calamari I've heard of, though, was at Moss Landing on the Monterey Bay, back in 1984.