Lol Ok Heres Mine

mine would have to be fried chicken and greens, or perogies and saurkraut . i can blame my love of the chiken and greens from my mom and the perogies and kraut from my dad. its funny becasue each side of my family is so diffrent. my mom has a deeply southern family so whenever i go for visits i always have really good southern cooked food. my grandpa taught my mom who taught me so thats where my love of it came from. now my dads side on the other hand is a proud polish family so when i go to visit his side i get really good homemade polish food. they never taught him how to make it but i still love to eat it when i go to visit.

so ya, thats my comfort food ^_^
Silent20 Silent20
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013