School Day Routine

Hi I am 13 I am paralysed from the waist down and in my hands and my spech has not developed properly so I cannot speak.
My School Day
7:00 I wake up with my brother and sister
8:00 My siblings get on the bus
8:05 mummy warms my bottle up
8:10 drink my bottle
8:30 diaper change
9:00 nap time
10:00 changing time
10:30 next bottle
10:50 go to park
11:30 arrive home and watch teletubies
12:00 next bottle
12:30 nap time
2:00 diaper change
2:30 play with toys
3:00 siblings come home
4:00 tea time
5:00 bath time
6:00 supper bottle
7:00 bed time
This is a day in my life
Incontentab Incontentab
13-15, F
Feb 1, 2013