Mostly Chill

 My routine differs greatly depending on if I have classes that day or not.  If I don't have class, I sleep until the mid afternoon and I end up doing something completely different on each day.  I'll walk you through a weekday.

At 4:45am, my alarm goes off.  I spend anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes mentally convincing myself to face the day, then stumble into my bathroom wearing only a sour expression.  While the shower is warming up, I take a leak and reflect on a dream I just had or try to plan my day.  I get in the shower, emerging 45 minutes later realizing I spent maybe 10 minutes actually washing (I also brush my teeth in the shower).  I stand in front of my mirror, naked as the day I was born, and spend about a minute examining myself head to toe, looking for irregularities.  Sometimes I apply lotion or take a vitamin.  I then pick out one of my four or five paint-stained outfits (I have a ton of clothes, but only a few I wear to class) and get dressed.

If I have time, I force down some meager amount of food and head to class.  I go to art school, so there's no real routine other than going to my set schedule of classes.  I never really know what to expect, because I'm surrounded by extremely dynamic people all day.  Going there sometimes makes me feel like a boring person.

Depending on how I'm feeling when I get home, I may do anything from exercise, bake or mope around for a while.  I always have an assignment to be working on, so I draw/paint most of the night while talking to people online or on the phone or messing around on here.  At some point during the evening I force myself to eat again and usually receive a call from my brother (the conversation ranging from news bad enough to ruin my day to him telling me about an awesome sandwich he's eating).  There are certain friends I talk to daily, and I interact with my roommate to some degree.

I lay in bed for a couple hours, trying to fall asleep.  I reflect on my day and try to make sure I'm not forgetting something important.  There are certain people, certain girls I think about during this time.  I may or may not fall asleep at all.

AppleJelle AppleJelle
22-25, M
Aug 9, 2009