My Definition Of Love, Through Charlies's Heart

My daughter and I ran into 70-ish Charlie at the hospital who has been happily married for over sixty years. My daughter asked him how he and his wife had stayed married all those years and what had sustained the love that he shared with his mate.

He simply answered, "When you only want what is best for your mate and your mate only wants what is best for you, that is True Love."

So my definition of love is really Charlie's definition of love.

Speaks volumes.
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6 Responses Feb 7, 2012

i believe that to if your spouse truly cares about what you need. In my own relationship i'm convienet so it doesn't go both ways i starting to think my best option is to leave. But I still believe in true love just havn't found it yet

The other night I was asked how we have lasted 31 years. Lasting 31 years is not all about love. Some people do hurtful things to people they truly love. Hopefully for the ones hurt, it does not last, for who wants to live that way. Lasting love is simple, always consider the other. In all situations. You must love to be able to do this. If you can, and your partner can, this is True Love, and I still can't wait to get home to her. I wish it for all, for it's a wonderful life.

Ahhh! That is very powerful in just a few words... Loved it!

Perfect that's the same thing i have said for a while now i hear people say "i love you" but they do things to their partners that really prove they hate them. To me love is when you are ready to give your life for your partner without a second thought in the world. When u can't live without ur partner, when just the thought of ur partner makes u smile and makes you happy and when all your partners actions proves that yeah he/she would do anything to make me happy all the time. I have never been married thou i hope to find someone like that then i can think of marriage.

Love this, great story and good sentiment and whats better it worked for them!! Oh to have managed that!!!

That's a big Amen there! I have failed at marriage twice so now gotta find him today, marry him tomorrow, and live to be one hundred and eight. I am 56. LOL

Well I hope you find him!! I failed too!! I am a great believer in serendipity though!!

Yep, so true :)