My definition of love....


For me, love simply means caring for another person as much as I care about myself. At the risk of sounding self-centered, I will admit that this has only happened a handful of times throughout my life. For the most part, I often adopt a "Me & Them" mentality....I've been this way for most of my life. There is everyone else, and there is me. I tend to keep most other people at a bit of a distance.

Love is never being close enough. Sharing space, not because you have to...but because you want to. Forgetting what life was like before you met, and not caring that you've forgotten it. Its honesty. Its comfort. Its a kiss goodnight. A twinkle in your eye. Its knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that as long as theres a way....you'll be hearing their sweet voice again tomorrow.

Love endures. I do not think it is this fickle, fleeting thing that they would have us believe.

Love is that feeling that seems way too big to define with four tiny letters.
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love just one world sacrifice