Hmm... Love Is....

Its like this weird feeling that you don't even really know what to call it. You just know it feels good. And theres like five different kinds of love. The friendship kind of love, the love you have for a family member or pet, unrequited love, puppy love, and the love you feel for someone you seriously wouldn't mind marrying one day. Either way they're all strange feelings that are strangely good feelings. The only thing is, unrequited and puppy love, usually aren't real love, so the strange feeling might feel really good at first, but when your heart is crushed, you realize that it wasn't even true love to begin with. So... its more like temporary love. But true love is not temporary. It lasts forever.
Onlyinmydreams123 Onlyinmydreams123
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1 Response Jun 3, 2012

And the that 'strange' feeling I speak of, is more complex then the way I explained it. :p