My Definition Of Love

Caring, empathy, kindness, fairness, intimacy, communication, problem solving, sharing experiences--laughter, tears, celebrations, learning, overcoming, surrendering. Sex is not love but the expression of love, the celebration of our togetherness. Intimacy is feeling safe enough to share any feeling--silly, tender, or wise.
AquarianMime AquarianMime
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

You have covered this aspect well, you know the rudiments as I do, but I am still single.

Knowing the nature of true love is becoming increasingly rare in our society. Knowing how to live love has become rarer still. For this reason, the most loving people may find themselves waiting. At the same time, I see that waiting can serve useful purposes in preparing us to treasure real love when we find it. I hope you find your special one soon.

Love is wisdom, the wisdom of connection, working together to create balance, fulfillment, and wholeness.