Do I Have 2 Mothers?

I can't remember how old I was exactly, but I was still in diapers, so that would give some clue. I actually thought that I had 2 mothers, first one was mother with glasses and another one without them. I remember thinking that they do seem a bit similar, but naah, they can't be the same person.

I liked the one who didn't have glasses better, because she was just showing me toys, talking to me and she tried to make my laugh - my own entertainer. Mother with glasses was much more boring... always changing the diaper, feeding and so on. It took some time to realize that they were actually one and the same person.

Fennella Fennella
31-35, F
2 Responses May 18, 2008

How very interesting. I was thinking you were going to say that you realised one was your nanny or somesuch, but your ending to this story was much more compelling...again...very interesting. I wonder why the glasses at some times and not at others?? Would it be to be able to perform tasks? Which of the two "mothers" read to you? That might give an idea as to what determined when and when not to have them on, or did you ever find this out long before my silly analysis of your childhood? :P

That is really quite interesting. Veeeeery curious. I'm glad you eventually resolved that they were one and the same, although I can see how that sort of thing could leave one with life long impacts!