Oldest Memory

I guess my oldest memory is our family trip to Mauritius. I guess i'm around 5-6, and my younger brother's around 2-3.

I remember my parents had a small fight, but it got over soon.

I remember, we were waiting for this speed boat ride. My mom was sitting on a bench. My dad had gone to the changing room to change into his swimming trunks. I was there. I went near the pool. I saw that my little, 2-3 year old brother was in the pool. I guess he was playing around and might have fallen into the pool. I could see him getting closer to the floor of the pool [I haven't used the word drowning. I don't want to]. I screamed like crap. I don't remember either my dad or some other guy ran from the changing room and came and saved him. My mom panicked terribly. [Sorry. My memory's really poor] And we went on that speed boat ride..

It's a really old story. I didn't know how to swim that time, I was really young.

This story doesn't come up very much during talks. But I don't remember anything beyond this story. This is where my life begins for me. I wish I had better memory. I want to relive my time in the childhood, from memories, not from videos recorded at that time..
owlcity01 owlcity01
13-15, M
Jan 7, 2013