My first memory - I was 2.5 years old, my brothers were 3.5 and 4.5 years old.  Our father was away in Korea in the military, our Mother was a basket case.  I vividly remember standing in my crib, sobbing, watching my brothers down below confused and anxious.  WE WERE ALONE.  A person, a stranger, came into our home, scooped me out of my crib and my life changed forever; my childhood was a continuing stream of abandonment, abuse - physical, emotional and sexual -  I lost my parents and my siblings that day; never to recover them.  I lost my childhood that day - and I live with the collateral damage.


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Thank you for this story. I am glad you are happy now. This must be a great inspiration for anyone struggling now - that bad situations can and do turn around.

Yes - I was taken in by an Aunt and Uncle for two years - gathered up and taken to a foster home - lived there for 8 years (good home but not my home) - went back with biological mother and her abusive ********* drugged up husband for two years; no money for food, clothing, heat or adequate shelter. Taken back into government care - became a Crown Ward - at 14 moved into my last foster home - a wonderful family. I was unadoptable because my Mother would not relinquish her parental rights. At the age of 26 I was legally adopted by my foster family - I believe the first adult adoption in Canada. I believe that I was victimized by individuals as well as the state which had been entrusted with the responsibility for my care - and failed miserably.<br />
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There is a happy ending - I am not just a survivor - I am a thriver - with the love and support of my life partner (husband) I have nurtured our children with unconditional love and respect - breaking the cycle of violence that plagued my biological family. I have a wonderful 35 year relationship with my life partner and I have been successful - I have re-united with my brother after 54 years - my other brother passed away before we could re-connect - but the demons are always there.<br />
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I am stunned. were you taken into care?