Water ^_^ More Of A Fan Of Air, But Oh Well Lol

Waters are capable of having multiple personalities. Like a wise fighter once said, water in a bowl takes the shape of a bowl, water in a vase takes the shape of the vase. Waters have a very adaptable personality, usually taking shape to conform to their environment. In an argument, a Water is capable to seeing both sides. Liberal thinking is a very special ability of Waters. An open mind makes a Water receptive of other elements. Of all elements, Water has the highest level of tolerance. A boisterous Fire or Lightning will prove to have little effect on a Water.
Waters usually have easy relationships. Because of their approachable nature, even a highly opinionated Fire or Lightning will find a Water good company. Be wary though, Fires or Lightnings may eventually tire of a Waters presence. Airs and Ices will like a Water than can adapt to their attitudes. Earths will also like a Water, but be careful: a Water in the wrong mood can be a severe irritation to an Earth. Plants will be especially appreciative of a Water that can nurture their inquisitive nature. Of special note are other Waters. The lack of a solid persona in a Water-Water relationship could be bad.
Waters usually have little trouble finding their niche in life. With a good chance of finding Love and Happiness, Waters tend to stray away from more, in their opinion, trivial matters such as Fame and Fortune.
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I'm an earth.

I see awesome. I have metal :)