Mastery Of The Elements

According to my star sign, Virgo, my element is earth. Which i can relate with.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signs are the most stable, consistent and sometimes rigid of all the signs. Once they make up their minds, like mountains they cannot be moved without huge efforts. Practical, patient, reasonable, and persistent are these signs. If you want to make sure a project gets done and gets done "right" call, on an earth person. They will stick with it until the bitter end.

If you're like me, you'll love nature, and want to be as close to it as possible at all times. Which also suggests Earth traits.

While i somewhat agree with my sign element, there are some aspects i am completely against. Earth elements are supposed to be very cautious, possibly to the point of missing a great opportunity, and anyone who knows me well enough will know i NEVER miss a great opportunity, and I'm quite the little risk taker..

My mind, it could be said, has water aspects. Under the right circumstances, it is calm and clear, but beneath the tranquil surface, there are many things hidden. It can be agitated to the point of destruction.

My attitude is that of fire. I don't give up easily, am very stubborn and take control of most situations =P

And my spirit would be air  ^_^ Air is unpredictable, ever moving and ever changing. You can't survive without air, just like you can't survive without a spirit, you can't see air, but you need it, and know it's there. The element of air represents thinking and ideas. And in another of my stories, i explain how i am a 'Dreamer and a Thinker'

That's my element(s) ^_^" Rambled on a bit eh? >.

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You know it ^_^

lol really now using my words against me....such a lovely gal you are =p

You know i would, but as cold as i am, i really can't be arsed =P

hmm, try drinking some warm water...the other thing to do is wrap yourself up in blankets...the last thing to try which I would do is focus your bodies energy into heat so you can warm up.

Why am i cold..? Why am cold?! I live in england! =P Its minus 768,343,955 degrees (Inside!) I'm sitting in the freezer to keep warm O.O (I am of course exaggerating, but it's still pretty damn cold =()<br />
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Can'tt stoopp shaakingg ='(

Well why are you cold, I know there are things that can warm you up....=p <br />
<br />
You are insane, that

I'm guessing it would be nice but i'm numb from the shoulders downn O.O

Oh, you'd be surprised... =D<br />
<br />
I'm quite insane =)<br />
<br />
<br />
Sorry ^_^

hmmm one set of words that should never be placed together purely evil innocent...XD<br />
<br />
Nah your never alone luv, just remember that your never alone on your path in life, because one that is improper to leave a woman alone on a road. I would much rather see you safely to your destination after all as a beast of a man it would be rude...=D

Nah, i'm not that purely evil ^_^ Innocent =D<br />
<br />
Oh good, i'm not alone then =)

haha I don't think you would take them away from me, just saying =p<br />
<br />
haha well if it makes you feel better I know I am clinically insane ^^

Go for it =P<br />
<br />
¬.¬ Meaning strange.

haha sure I will bet you anything on that one =p<br />
<br />
never called you weird just lacking normalities =p

Wanna bet? =P<br />
<br />
O.O You calling me weird? Odd? Straaaange?

Hahaha I don't think you will remove them....well possibly not mine but hey I prefer to keep them...<br />
<br />
^_^ normal is what everyone else is and you are not dear =p

I will remove them then ^_^<br />
<br />
I'm not an outcast, I'm a searing individual, with an average IQ and an extensive vocabulary... I'm completely normal =D

nuts are what we have don't ruin that =p<br />
<br />
well then your possibly an outcast dear, don't worry I enjoy being one too even if you might not be an outcast =p

I am in no group that you two nutcases are in! =P

hahahaha your in the group too you know? ^^

Sad, sad people =) =P

haha, I am that of earth as well. Yet I dabble in water and air =p yet there are times when even these are just examples of natural sorry<br />
<br />
Yet there are times when I can use fire for it is a motivational force unlike no other...yet if you are not careful it would burn those close to you for it can never be tamed =) <br />
<br />
part of me wanted to say "With my powers combined, I am captain planet " =P just need a little love to fix it haha

Very close ^_^

Earth indeed =D