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During one doctor visit I was in my underwear for most of the visit while they did a complete examination. One male and one lady doctor. Then they wanted to check out my privates so the lady doctor left the room. Up to this point there was no problems. I have had my privates examined several times before by male and female doctors with no problems. The problem this time however was that just before the doctor came back into the room to do the examintion I had had an erection. It had gone away before the doctor came back, however my penis was now wet with pre-***. The doctor did not say anything when he did the examination of my privates but he had to have noticed and I knew it and there was nothing I could do.

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When I was 13 I went to the doctor and as usual my mom and older sis were with me. As usual the nurse had me ***** and my sister ***** except her panties. I was going thru puberty and had just started to grow pubic hair. My sister had already started puberty the year before and during the year her boobs had grown quite a bit. When the nurse saw us she told me I could put my underware back on after she weighed me and then gave my sister a gown to wear. Anyway the dr came in and as usual had me on the table for the usual and then told me to get off and walk back and forth and then had me come over to where she was sitting. My mother on one side of her and my sister on the other. As I was standing in front of her she reached out and pulled my shorts down and saw I was in puberty and did the hernia check and as she was doing that I got an erection. She then pulled my foreskin back and as she did my penis jerked a little and some pre-come came out. She showed my mother and started to explain what I would be going thru and about making sure I kept myself clean under the foreskin. She then was showing my mother my testicles and explaining that one of them had not descended as much as it should and had her pull on them so she knew where they were supposed to descend to and told her that she had to check them and if it did not continue to drop then she needed to call her. So after all of this and having everyone looking at me she also called the nurse in with a measuring tape and measured me with an erection and then told me to sit there and she would measure me when my erection had gone down. She then started my sister exam and as I sat there the nurse kept looking at me to see if my erection had gone down. after about 5 minutes it went down and the nurse told the dr and she stopped and agin walked over to me and held my penis out and measure it. She told my mother due to my testicle no descending properly that she wanted measurements of me to make sure I was progressing normally everywhere else.Very strange but she measure me every year when I had my physical until my testicle dropped.

when i was 13 i was at my doctors she was female we did they exam then she said to take off all my clothes i did as i stood naked in front of her the se 2 nurses came in they were hot my doc saw i got a hard on and she said its ok its sometimes happened

Just think about how often a doctor observes that and you will know why it didn't matter at all. Erections and pre-*** are about as common for medical examiners of privates as is tall grass for a landscaper, or "not enough salt" for a chef.