Naked In The Street

This is my story which happened 2 summers ago.It was around noon and my
girlfriend was away for the weekly grocery shopping, as it was mid july it
was a lovely sunny day. All the women of the street where outside there
doors enjoying a drink and bathing in the sun. I showered and wrapped a
towel around me, as i came out the bathroom i noticed my girlfriends car
in the driveway and she was gathering the shopping bags from the backseat
of the car. Being the gentleman that i am i rushed outside to help her in,
as i gathered as many bags in each hand as i could to save several trips.
And as i was walking back towards the door my girlfriend ran passed me
whipped off my towel as i had several bags in each hand was unable to even
attempt to grab the towel back. She ran indoors locked the door leaving me
standing totally nude on a hot summers day on a very busy street.
She appeared at the front window with her camera laughing. All the people
in the street where cheering and taking pics. Naturally i put the bags down
and use my hands to cover my modesty whilst pleading to be let back indoors.
When my girlfriend seen the excited reaction from the crowd i could see she
had no intention of letting me in. She called out to some neighbouring friends
of hers to pull my arms apart so she cld get a few better pics which they did.
Eventually after what felt like hrs but was actually only 45-55 mins she let
me back inside.
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Jul 17, 2010