My Naked Week Starts Today

When i went to my bed last night i had totally forgotten that my mother had threatened to take all my clothes away and leave me nude for the week as punishment for pulling my sisters P.J bottoms down in the street as she returned from the ice cream van with both her hands full. I couldn't resist it was revenge for her tie-ing my hands to my bedposts as i slept with only a towel around me after a shower last week-and she removed my towel leaving me totally naked and helplessly bound as her and her 2 friends and my other sister sniggered and waited for me to waken and taking pics. She knew my mother wasn't due in till much later that night and got me good (not that my mother was going to be of any help as i found out). It was good pantsing her in the street her p'j where baggy and silk, so while she carried a box back towards our house i yannked them down she was walking that fast that she stumbled kicked them off as she went tumbling down the three steps at our garden her box of ice cream was thrown as she rolled over naked from the waist down apart from a pair of sponge bob briefs, still relatively mild in comparison to my naked humiliation......or so i thought.Like i said i had forgotten all about it when i went to bed last night. It seems that during the night my mother and sisters have been hard at work not only have they gathered all my clothes away-they have told my ex-gf to come and collect them all. Which she gladly obliged in doing, it was always a favourite tactics of hers when we rowed-she would tell me to get out her house.......not before i had removed the clothing she bought for me, several times ending up with me in the street in just my underwear,so this was now her big chance. So i have a week to get through without any clothing and on all the housekeeping chores.....As if my 2 sisters and friends were not enough to deal with-i have my ex and her sisters. And they are all coming today for lunch and a bar-b-q later. Needless to say my attendance is mandatory-i am beginning to wish i hadn't pantsed the ***** in the street. I am being summoned now to go to the shop for groceries...

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Jul 19, 2010