Boyfriend's Uncle

When we were in our 20s, I went to my then-boyfriend's house one Saturday. His parents were away, and we decided to have sex in his bed. As his hard (and well-lubed) **** slid into my *** over and over, I began to close my eyes and moan. I opened my eyes to see someone standing in the bedroom doorway. It was my boyfriend's uncle! My boyfriend withdrew and shot a load of *** all over me. He walked over to his uncle & they started arguing, while I lay on the bed naked & covered with ***.
Eventually, the uncle picked up my clothes, grabbed my arm & dragged me to the front door. He opened the door, threw my clothes outside & pushed me out the door. People were walking by as I (still naked & covered in ***) retrieved my clothes & pulled my pants on. It was the most embarrassing situation I've ever been in.
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charliew and ozroller, i think you missed some important points. the author is now 55-60 and this happened when he was in his 20s, so about 30 years ago meaning 1970s-1980s. very different times, that kind of reaction was the norm. not saying it was right by today's standards, but for then it was.

That was wrong of his uncle. Whether or not he had the right to objevt to you having sex with his adult nephew there is still a bigger problem. If he was going to ask you to leave he should at least given you a short time to clen up and get dressed. Throwing you outside naked was wrong on his part.