Mom Caught Me Naked

today ....... my mom was in a room doing some laundry.. i was in the bath room i forgot to take some stuff after shedding the cloths i was so lazzy to put them so i called my mom to fetch those for me . but there were no response ... so i walked out naked to collect the stuffs ... un fortunatly on my way back my mom saw me naked .it dint come to my mind that i have to hide my self or atleast cover myself.. my mom last saw me naked when i was 5 or 6 . now i am 19
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Why? She is your mother and family as well.

That happens when you live at home with the parents.

its not a matter to her but to u it is embracing at first time but it will be an habbit soon

Several years ago I came out of the bathroom naked going to my room and unexpectedly came face to face with my mother. I thought she was downstairs but obviously she had come upstairs. She didn't make a big deal out of it other than pointing out the obvious that she was upstairs and I continued to my room. <br />
My mother would not wish to see me naked regularly but doesn't care too much about accidents like that. After all she is my mother and has seen me naked before having changed my diaper

Parents and children should always be open to see each other nude. It's perfectly natural. Good thing is - now you get to see her naked, right? It's only fair...

thats nice ... but i am not comfy being naked before her

Don't worry. If your an average 15 year old boy your not a pretty sight except to a 15 year old girl. It is nice that you have enough respect for your mom to want to cover up.

I dont think your mom cares if your nude. She has seen you before and it was not a big deal then. If you like the lifestyle go for it. Start going in front of her more often and see how she reacts.