My Friend And I Were Bathed By The Babysitter Together

When I was 9 my mother took a job that required her to work late. This meant that I was babysat by a neighbor most days after school. Her name was Maria and she was about my mother's age. It wasn't all bad, because she was kind of like the neighborhood babysitter and there was constantly other kids over there. Sometimes my friend and classmate Cole would come with me.

For whatever reason Cole and I both stayed late at Mara's one night. I don't remember why, but my mom didn't usually work late so she must of had a social event going on. Cole and I played football in Maria's backyard for a while. We even stayed out past dinnertime as it rained. As a result we got very muddy. Maria wasn't too happy about that. She didn't want us walking through the kitchen entrance like that, so made us go in through the guest bathroom entrance. She informed us that we were going to remove our clothing so she could wash it, and we would get in the bath together to clean ourselves up.

I was really hesitant about this. I did not want to be naked in front of Maria for obvious reasons. I didn't even want to be naked in front of Cole. Yes, we were both boys and very good friends, but we had never undressed in front of eachother. The idea of taking a bath with somebody else seemed very embarrassing to me. Keep in mind that I am an only child. Aside from my mother, my mentor and some doctors, nobody had seen me without clothing on before.

I was always an obedient child though. I was uncomfortable with the situation, but I always listened to authority. Our clothes were muddy, so there really wasn't much arguing I could do about it. Standing in front of Maria and Cole, I began to remove my clothing as Maria prepared the bath. I was done to my underwear when I stopped and handed Maria my clothes. Looking over at Cole, he seemed just as embarrassed as I was. He undressed in the corner behind the closet door which didn't do much to hide his pale bod.

I couldn't help but stare. I hadn't been in lots of situations like this before. It wasn't a gay thing. No sexual thrill. This is just how 9 year olds are. I was genuinely curious about seeing another naked body. Cole came out from behind the closet door holding his muddy clothes against his crotch to hide his boyhood. Maria took his clothes from him because she need to start the washer/dryer. Cole quickly shielded his hands over his penis and balls, but not before I caught a curious split second glance. Nothing spectacular, his looked just like mine did.

Maria told me she needed my underwear before she took the clothes to the laundry room. I couldn't delay it any longer. I removed my underwear and stood before my babysitter and my friend completely stark naked. I didn't cup my penis like Cole was. I was really embarrassed, but for some reason didn't see the point in making the effort. Maria left the bathroom with our muddy clothes and instructed Cole and I to get in the tub before she came back to check on us.

Cole and I faced eachother silently for I don't know how long. Neither of us made the first move of climbing into the bathtub. For some reason, I think we both felt that it would be embarrassing to have the other person watch us climb in. I looked at Cole and caught him looking down at my private area. Seeing that he was caught, he immediately took his glance up to my eyes. For some unspoken reason he knew what I was thinking and said "How about we both climb in at the same time?". I nodded embarrassingly. We both climbed into the tub and positioned ourselves on opposite sides. We sat facing eachother and began to let the water relax us. Cole was no longer cupping his penis. I got a good look at his little floating area as I'm sure he did mine.

We relaxed our bodies over the coarse of the bath. We even started playing around. We splashed eachother. Used our feet to push eachother around. Again, nothing sexual or gay..just boys being boys playing in a tub. I slowly got used to the concept of Cole seeing my complete uncovered body. He was my friend, he was in the same position I was and we were both boys.

Maria did return to the bathroom though to shampoo our hair. I was still a bit embarrassed about her helping me with my bath. I felt very exposed head to toe. Cole and I gave eachother a look sharing our embarrassment. Maria didn't do anything wrong though. She washed our hair, drained the tub and gave us both towels to dry off.

Cole and I wore bathrobes while our clothes went through the washer and dryer. They were oversized since they were meant for adults, but they did fine. Although I had gotten use to Cole seeing me undressed over the coarse of the bath, it wasn't something I wanted to repeat. I also felt weird around Maria for the rest of the evening.
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When I was a boy I often stayed with a good friend either at his or my home. At bedtime we were bathed together by whichever one of our mothers was there. No big deal at the time, even at the age of ten or so.

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