Embarassing Massage

I went for a full-body massage recently. I was brought to the massage room to get undressed in my own privacy. So, I took off my clothes and lay down on the bed, face down and completely naked. I was expecting my usual female massage therapist to come into the room shortly. Soon, I heard a knock on the door before the door was opened. The massage therapist entered the room and then greeted me. To my shock, the massage therapist was a male therapist! I wanted to get up and asked for a change to my female therapist immediately, but was too embarrassed to do so. So, I kept quiet, with my face down, totally nude and embarrassed. I was hoping that the male therapist would cover me with towel before starting the massage, but he did not.

I told myself to stay relaxed and try to enjoy the massage. I felt the pressure on my shoulders… upper back.... down to my lower back and then to my butts, legs and calves. The pressure applied throughout was surprising nice and perfect. The massage made me feel so relaxed that I had forgotten that it was a man who was massaging me.

“Okay, turn your body around”, said the male therapist.  This was the moment when I had to turn my body very reluctantly and show my frontal nude body to the male therapist. I took a quick glance at the therapist. He tried to hide his smile from his facial expression. I tried to stay calm and closed my eyes. He continued the massage on my arms… then I felt the pressure on my shoulders and then on my breasts!  I felt a constant and circular pressure from my outer breasts … to my nipples. The circular motion and pressure on my nipples were very gentle. The pressure oscillated between my outer breast and nipples…  The pressure was surprisingly nice and sensual. Suddenly, I felt a small pinch on my nipples... It was very arousing… my nipples became hard. I opened my eyes. The therapist continued to pinch my nipples and squeezed my breasts gently. At that moment, I had mixed feelings of embarrassment, pleasant surprise and aroused. I took another quick look at the therapist. This time, he had a naughty smile on his face. I closed my eyes again and tried to stay relaxed.   

After a rather long massage on my breasts, I felt the pressure on my stomach and then on my thighs. I was brazilian-waxed, so I was sure that the therapist had a good look at my private area. The massage on my inner thighs occasionally brushed against my lips. This was the first time, when I was totally nude in front of a male stranger and have every inch of my body touched and massaged.
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Frankly, I'm surprised that he would risk his license taking such liberties with you. A word or two to the management would get him fire. He would know that.

I am masseuse. I have one client who comes to my house 2-3 times per month. She is also a friend I've known for many years and knows that I am also a nudist.

The 1st time I gave her massage, she came to the house. I answered the door nude and let her in. She asked me to put shorts on while I gave her massage. I respected her wish. I gave her privacy to get herself onto the table. I asked her what her boundaries were, she said she didn't have any.

I kept her covered when she rolled over and proceeded to work her legs but didn't touch her vagina. As I started her upper body she allowed me to uncover her chest. (I normally keep a towel to cover them for other clients) I worked her arms, belly and upper chest. As I finish the massage i stand at her head and rub down her belly almost to her vagina, then slide my hands down toward her hips, up her sides, part of her breasts, down her arms then under her back to her neck then repeat. She was very comfortable and so was i.

The next time she came over I stayed nude. Occasionally my penis would touch her arm, hands, legs etc... She didn't say anything and neither did I. I wasn't sexually excited but never asked her if she was.

The last few times I've enter the room, she left the sheet off completely exposing everything she has. I worked closer to her vagina and rub between her thigh and her outer lips but I never penetrate. I allow my penis to touch her legs and arms but more her hands. I've hand the head of my penis in her hand a number of times and she never flinched. It's a nice experience for both of us. It's never become sexual nor will it.

"...never become sexual nor will it." Hard to believe with all the mentions of your penis touching her. Seems kind of obvious you were thinking about this quite a bit during the massage sessions.

In the US student massage costs less and younger massuses are usual. One time I had attractive therapist, but table was narrower than usual. So Ihad to put my hands around the edges. Therapist put her **** right up against my hands, and tight enough I could feel *****hairs, etc. Major turn on. So when I turned face up I was showing a big one which got brushed several times. Most exciting!

I had a naked massage by a female, when she massaged my leg, her hand would touch my testicles and penis as she moved up and down my legs. I did not say anything and thought that she had touched me by accident, as it must have been awkward massaging up and down my legs.

I had been to China several times and had massage at the hotel i stayed in . Each time it was a conventional massage by one or two females and i was only required to ***** down to my undies.each visit the massage was done in normal massage cubicle.<br />
But on this trip i was taken to a different section of the hotel and was told the normal area was being renovated.<br />
The room I was taken to was like a small conference room and had 3 light duty screens around a massage table the rest of the room was empty but had windows on 2 sides without curtains but that was fine the exposed side of temporary cubical didn't face the window .The other difference was that that there were two girls like a reception and behind the screen to young men I paid my fee to the 2 girls and was motioned to go behind the screen were the 2 men motioned (no English) for me to ***** , this i done down to my undies as in the past but one said all and pointed to my undies I was surprised but complied and placed all my clothes on a chair that was near by it was the only other furniture in the room then I was motioned to lay face down on table . I then received a normal massage from head to toe then told other side so i rolled over i seen the 2 men were still the ones doing the massage they placed a warm wet towel over my face and continued to massage my front again from head to toe but while they never touched my penis at any stage they did massage extensively around its ba<x>se as im defiantly not gay i tried my hardest to resist my penis from becoming erect but it did feel like it become half erect.<br />
There was a short break of maybe 1 min where i just lay there then from a distance i heard a voice say "finish now" I took the towel from my face and looked at my penis as i thought it was half erect it wasn't it was fully erect then i heard female giggles and i turn my head and realize the 3 screens had been moved back against a wall I couldn't see anyone but obviously some girls could see me laying face up totally exposed with a full erection. I turned my head looking for my clothes and the chair had also been moved to other side of the room all i could do was hop off the table and walk over to my clothes and get dressed. I never seen the men or girls but could hear female giggles up until i left the room It wasn't until later i also realized that with the screens removed i could have been seen though the windows and thru the wide open door into that conference room but i don't think i was seen by others on that day. While i was shocked i did find it exciting and i did return the next day but that's another story

I have to say that you were cool under pressure. My wife had a massage by a male therapist, and she said her embarrassment overruled excitement.

Florence, can I be your free massage therapist next time?

Sounds like an eye-opening, erotic experience for you! Good for you...as I always joke with hubby: "As long as I've one of THAT, I can have as many of THOSE as I want!" ;)

sorry to be a party pooper but I don't think a "certified professional massage therapist" would behave this way ... if so he'd be struck off! you sure he wasn't an imposter sent in to massage you as a test? lol ... glad you enjoyed it anyhow.

mmmmm........sounds very hot from male point of view...............but i don't think i could have resisted massaging you with my tounge....................definately over the line, but oh so tasty!

You should take your boyfriend next time the male masseusse is on. Sit in the corner and make sure your bf gets the full treatment you got !! Lol wouldn't that be fun watching him squirm? :-)

Great story. You have a good attitude about being seen by male massuese. Wax on!

Although I would have turned that massage into a sex session if he had been doing me I can see how it would be embarrassing fro some females. Someone should have told you if the therapist had changed, especially gender. Would you want him again? Luv'n it *.*

Would you like a good massage like the one described?

It sounds like it was pleasant.

Can I have that job? I want to give you a massage like that. I'd even extend your time for FREE! ;-)