Couples Massage

I was on a business trip with a male boss in the wine country of California. We were on the red-eye back to the east coast that night but had to check out by noon from the hotel. With the afternoon to kill he said he was going to get a massage and I agreed that sounded like a great idea. We went to the spa and inquired about prices and options. The girl at the spa showed us the list of massages for couples assuming we were a couple. I then said I prefer to have my massage in private it is much more relaxing for me. She understood but then the prices were almost as much for the individual massages as they were for the couples massage. She said they really do not allow talking between the couples and I would feel alone so my boss and I discussed it and agreed we would give it a try. We both went into the massage room and the lady told us to get undressed and get under the blankets on the two tables. We both went into a bathroom off the massage room and ******** down separately and I thought this was not so bad. My boss joked this was not how he had ever dreamed of getting me naked and I was the same. My boss was a coupe of years older and single but never thought much about any romance at the office. Everything went well until the end, the massage therapists started putting a slimy gel on our bodies. They covered us completely, and I mean completely except for the small area immediate in the pubic area. The therapists got him off the bed and led him to the shower to clean himself up. He was totally naked and tried to not look but could not resist a little peak and I was impressed. They then came back and got me and walked me to the shower totally naked and told us to rub the gel all over each other for 15 minutes and then rinse the gel off. The sign in the shower said the gel was basically a form of KY jelly and was safe for intercourse and was not harmful if swallowed. We laughed at our situation and the sign but did was the gel off each other and decided to not tell anyone at work about this. We ended up dating after that for a few months before breaking up.
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Fun - how could he resist. Of course he wanted to help you clean up and probably kept that shower going as long as he could

sound like a good way of getting to know each other

LOL.... a cool story... unanticipated mmm "opportunity"?

It's *so* good to hear competent adults describing a challenging situation, thinking through it, and deciding to try it before deciding they don't like it.<br />
<br />
Even more rare appears to be uninhibited people who can enjoy something which hurts no-one, instead of reacting by social "norms".<br />
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While it could have turned pear-shaped, it sounds like the short adventure of the relationship was positive for you. Good fortune to you always....

Wow now that is a nice way of getting massage for less money ha ha

Neat story! Anything sexy happen while you were dating? That was a great experience to bond over.

Definitely promotes workplace solidarity.